Chris Jericho was originally going to call himself Jack Action

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The Ayatollah of Rock’n’Rolla, Jack Action?

Yes, that’s right. Jack Action could have been the name used by Chris Jericho. Thankfully, Jack Action joined the list of gems, such as Buddy Peacock, Shrug Shadow, and Fang McFrost, in the professional wrestling name dumpster.

During a game of true or false on the Rich Eisen Show, Chris Jericho revealed how he came up with the name we now know him as. The video also talks about Jericho as a bouncer, Vince McMahon’s usage of the word crass, and having a 48 hour birthday flying from Japan to Mexico.

Rich Eisen: You took the stage name of Jericho from the album Walls of Jericho from German power metal band Helloween.

Chris Jericho: True story. Yeah, I was going to call myself Jack Action and umm…

Eisen: Hold on a second. That was your first, so you would have been Chris…

Jericho: No, no. Just Jack Action. First name Jack, last name Action. I thought it was going to make me a million dollars. And then I told somebody that and they were like, “You can’t be Jack Action. That’s stupid.” I’m like, “Of course, it’s stupid. I would never do that.” “What’s your name?” I was like, “Uhh.” I saw the Helloween album and said, “Chris Jericho.”

Eisen: That’s how it happened?

Jericho: There you go. You could be talking to Jack Action if things had gone differently, but instead it’s just normal Chris Jericho.

As bad as Jack Action sounds, it might have actually worked during his early days in Japan and Mexico. John Laurinaitis had a twelve year run in Japan as Johnny Ace. But, I think Jerichoholics can all agree Chris Jericho was a much better choice.

How do you think Jack Action’s career would have turned out? Do you prefer, “Raw is Action!” or, “Raw is Jericho!”?

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