Chris Algieri Holds Off Late Rally, Outpoints Danny Gonzalez

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By Vladimir Lik

Chris Algieri (23-3, 8 KOs) defeated Daniel Gonzalez (17-2, 7 KOs) by unanimous decision on the Demetrius Andrade-Artur Akavov undercard at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The official scores from ringside were 98-92, 97-93, 96-94.

The scores seemed a bit wider than fans in attendance believed they should be and rained down boos when Algieri spoke to DAZN following the bout.

“A lot of the things that I have been working on, I didn’t pull the trigger on,” Algieri said immediately following the bout. “I am my biggest critic and this performance wasn’t my best. I got the win and I am moving on. I’ve got to take care of this eye which is a bummer. But honestly, I felt a little off today but it is what it is. You go back to the drawing board and look to come back better.”

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In his second bout since being out of the ring for two years, the 34-year-old Algieri managed to do enough to stave off an upset-minded former sparring partner who came to Madison Square Garden to stop Algieri’s dreams of winning another world title. Working behind a crisp jab, Algieri kept Gonzalez guessing all night and off balance until a cut opened underneath Algieri’s left eye. Gonzalez used that as motivation attack but was unable to string together more than two punches  at any given time to really hurt Algieri.

Algieri’s jab gained control of the opening round and controlled the pace to point where Gonzalez had  to overextend to make any real contact. By the second round Gonzalez got a lot closer landing a few shots off of Algieri’s head causing a bit of swelling. Gonzalez had some good moments in the third round when he had Algieri by the ropes. Gonzalez tried to take advantage of Algieri leaning on the ropes  but was just a step too slow to catch Algieri.

By the fourth round Algieri regained control of his movement again and kept Gonzalez at a good distance where Algieri could work behind his jab. The next few  round went back  and forth as both fighters tried to negate the other’s movement. Gonzalez had his best moments of the bout in the seventh and eighth rounds. After opening the cut under Algieri’s eye, Gonzalez tried to move in to do further damage but Gonzalez was incapable of cutting the ring off and Algieri used his legs to move in circles front and backwards avoiding Gonzalez.

Gonzalez made a last stand in the final round and had Algieri trapped for a few moments but again Algieri freed himself and evaded any meaningful shots from Gonzalez. Fans in attendance booed the scorecards as they were announced feeling the scores should have been closer.

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