Chase Field is trying to put the hurt on WWE fans during the Royal Rumble

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One of the many interests in this Sunday’s Royal Rumble is the fact it’s being held in a baseball stadium. Arizona’s Chase Field will be hosting the Big Four pay-per-view. Baseball stadiums aren’t often host to WWE shows so it should be an interesting experience, including wrestlers probably entering from the dugout.

Chase is getting into the spirit with a Royal Rumble themed burger they’re going to sell during the event. Get a load of this:

I mean wow. Pork bratwurst, cheese, bacon, slaw, onion, AND mac and cheese? Does it come with a defibrillator?

Surely, WWE champion Daniel Bryan isn’t going to be pleased. He crusaded against simple hot dogs. I can’t imagine what the Planet’s Champion is going to have to say about this monstrosity.

Any fans planning to go to the Rumble going to roll the dice with this bad boy? Let us know below.

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