Cedric Alexander needs to bring his undefeated streak to Raw

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Cedric Alexander has maintained a winning streak on WWE Network’s Main Event series. If only he could be on Raw doing the same thing.

Just over a month ago, Cedric Alexander made his re-debut for Monday Night Raw. He made some appearances on the red brand in 2016 and 2017 when Cruiserweights regularly appeared on the show, but by 2018, those Cruiserweights became exclusive to 205 Live. Then, after Cedric spent much of his 2018 as the face of 205 Live, holding the Cruiserweight Championship for 181 days, he became an official member of the Raw roster thanks to the Superstar Shake-Up.

His first match was a losing – but impressive – effort against Cesaro. He hasn’t had a match on Raw since then. Unless you count his blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the every-man-for-himself cluster match to determine the inaugural 24/7 Champion a “match.”

Instead, for some reason, WWE thought Cedric Alexander’s talents were better suited for their WWE Network exclusive series, Main Event, where he has competed regularly since his Raw debut came and went. If you’re not familiar with the series, Main Event is a show that not even WWE’s most loyal subscribers make a habit to watch. Despite being given a much smaller platform to showcase his talents, Cedric continues to impress whatever eyes are watching him for Main Event.

The past month of Main Event matches has seen Cedric Alexander featured in unfortunately underseen, but nonetheless spectacular contests against Cesaro and EC3; three matches against the latter. In each of these matches, Cedric’s performances have been consistently excellent. For those who happen to watch Main Event not familiar with Cedric’s work on 205 Live, he is undoubtedly getting over in their eyes by doing exactly what got him over on the purple brand: have incredible matches.

That’s exactly what he should be doing on Raw these days.

It appears that WWE’s problem with Cedric is that they just don’t know what to do with him. Again, all they have to do is have him do what brought him to the big dance to begin with – wrestle – and he’ll be golden. He’s doing just that on Main Event and it’s a shame he’s not doing that on a larger platform that is likely to reach more eyes. It’s funny to see him poke fun of his status as “#MainEvent Champion” on Twitter, but it’s really a shame that he’s putting on phenomenal matches to little or no fanfare reception. That needs to change.

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Nowadays, you’re more likely to catch Cedric Alexander for a split second during a run-in chasing down R-Truth for his 24/7 Title. Even then, it’s hard to even pay him any mind when his presence is smothered by a sea of other bodies. Cedric has the ability to strive on the main roster off of his in-ring talent alone, but he can’t do that unless he’s afforded the proper spotlight in front of millions watching at home.

Cedric managed to rack up an undefeated streak in his last month on Main Event. It’s about time WWE let him bring that undefeated streak to Raw where he can rack up some wins in matches people will actually see.

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