Carmella, R-Truth will be No. 30 entrants

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At TLC, Carmella and R-Truth defeated Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox in the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge to become the No. 30 entrants at WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

R-Truth signed up himself and Carmella for an all-expenses paid vacation to…Stamford, Connecticut of all places, but their other prize for winning Season 2 of the Mixed Match Challenge was far less disappointing. At WWE Royal Rumble 2019, Truth and ‘Mella will be the No. 30 entrants in their respective Rumbles, following their MMC finals win at TLC against Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox.

As expected, the finals match itself was short, sweet, and hilarious, because while it was light on the wrestling, it was heavy on the wildness that has made the Mixed Match Challenge such a unique part of the WWE experience. None of the competitors take themselves too seriously, and the four wrestlers in this particular match are among the best in the company at casting everything aside to just have fun.

Actually, I should say all six wrestlers in the MMC finals, because the Singh Brothers got involved with a little bit of dancing during Mella and Truth’s “Dance Break”. While I wouldn’t put their dancing skills on R-Truth’s level, they more than held their own.

Carmella and Truth picked up the victory over Mahal and Fox via the Code of Silence, which is one of WWE’s most underrated submission moves. We haven’t seen Mella use it as a finisher often this year, though it was a staple of hers during her “rookie” year on SmackDown Live. The crowd throughly enjoyed the finish of the match, as the Fabulous Truth are incredibly popular among members of the WWE Universe. As Carmella said, they’re the tag team that fans didn’t know they needed in their lives.

Perhaps Carmella will find a way to enjoy her vacation, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy being the No. 30 entrant in the 2019 Women’s Rumble, where the former SmackDown Women’s Champion will look to play the role of the spoiler. Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and other big names look like possible favorites, pending what happens in the main event of TLC when the SmackDown Women’s Title will likely be on the line, but Carmella could add to the drama.

Meanwhile, we saw Dolph Ziggler dumped out of the ring in last year’s Rumble as the No. 30 entrant, shortly after voluntarily dropping the United States Championship in order to pursue something greater. Truth’s eye is fixed on the prize, but I’m sure he’ll find some memorable way to botch his No. 30 entrance. Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget to at least show up, though!

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