Caress kitties with Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr.

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H2tv returned as Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. answered Valentine’s Day questions from fans. They discussed Pillman stacking ladies like pizza, Teddy Hart’s plans for the holiday, advice for married couples to spice it up, Davey Smith Jr.’s size, and hair or no hair down there.

The best part was the sound of crashing dinnerware in the background when Hart was asked about a cat double entendre. I was amazed to learn that Hart has 35 cats at a rescue. Mr. Velvet and Caspian must truly be special.

Hart isn’t the only Hart Foundation member who can handle kitties. Pillman also has a certain appeal.

To celebrate the day of love and his latest victory over Tommy Dreamer, Pillman found a functional use for an excellent photo.

If you were wondering how Pillman actually spent his Valentine’s Day, it was doing crossfit and bag work.

Smith wasn’t in this episode of H2tv, but he did send regards to fans for that special day.

Whether you celebrated this past Thursday or kept the party rolling through the weekend, happy Valentine’s Day.

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