Canelo vs. Golovkin: CompuBox Stat Analysis of Both Fights

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By CompuBox

As expected, Gennady Golovkin was the busier fighter in his two fights with Canelo Alvarez.

GGG landed 9.4 jabs per round- double the middleweight average. That jab accounted for half his offense, as he landed 9.4 power punches per round vs. Canelo I & II.

GGG landed slightly below the middle. average for power shots (33.5%) vs. Canelo I & II after landing 45.6% in his previous 13 fights. Just 6.9% of GGG’s landed punches were body shots. He landed just 6 body shots in the rematch after landing just 8 in the first fight. That’s a body landed /total punch landed percentage of just 3.1%- (CompuBox avg.: 25%).

Canelo made his punches count and was efficient, landing 33% overall and 40.2% of his power punches- GGG’s previous 14 opponents landed 34.5% of their power shots. 24.3% of his landed punches were body shots and he was steady, landing 46 in the rematch after landing 44 in the first fight.

How close were the two fights? they landed within six punches of each other in 16 of 24 rounds fought with one round even in connects. GGG’s 234 total punches landed/879 thrown in the rematch were the most by a Canelo opponent in 24 of his fights tracked by CompuBox.

GGG’s 116 landed power punches also were the most by a Canelo opponent.



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