Buddy Murphy proves he can troll with the best of them

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This afternoon, WWE Cruiserweight champ Buddy Murphy tweeted this:

Given the current pro wrestling landscape, with releases being requested, denied & granted while big money contracts are said to be on offer from every company from WWE to AEW to Impact, the Juggernaught’s tweet got some folks worried.

But, whatever you think of 205 Live, it was never felt terribly likely someone being booked as strongly as Murphy is would be looking to leave. And, as it turns out, he isn’t:

Oh, you…

205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is currently running a tournament to determine Murphy’s challenger for WrestleMania 35. Part of the reason for that is because the Aussie’s already beaten everyone Maverick’s put in front of him since he won the belt in Melbourne at Super Show-Down last fall.

So a couple of troll-y tweets gets some media coverage (waves back), makes him seem like a big deal, and explains where he is while DM the GM sorts all that out.

Well played, you big jerk. Well played.

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