Bryan hurt? Difficult beginnings for Mustafa Ali at SmackDown Live

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On Tuesday night during SmackDown Live, Mustafa Ali officially joined the roster. A chance for him to make a name for himself in the ” new WWE ” wanted by the McMahon family.

In action at the Main Event of the night, the former 205 Live champions led his team to a 3-man victory over WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

A beautiful evening that could have turned into a nightmare, after many observers noticed that Ali’s “450 splash” caused a moment of a flutter after a clumsy reception on Bryan’s arm and chest, appearing then reached. The young rookie then immediately approached the Champion to apologize.

” I am sorry. I hope you’re okay. “

Mustafa Ali would have continued to apologize behind the scenes.

For the moment, there is no evidence that Ali’s poor reception has caused any injury to Daniel Bryan, although some sources suspect him. Hope this is not the case, because for once, his second appearance at SmackDown Live may well be the last.

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