Bros B4 Elbows, Ep. 99.0: The Welcome Back Paul & Eric Episode

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Thanks to a push from the powers that be, the pro wrestling podcast Bros B4 Elbows is right here at

What happens when ECW, WCW meet your favorite sibling based podcasting trio? It’s episode 99.0 of The Bros Elbows Show.

Back on iTunes and ready for a big feud, on our latest/greatest episode your Bros try to make sense of the pro wrestling in 2019. Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff returning to WWE creative, Seth Rollins being a weirdo, WWE vs. AEW, Shane vs. Taker, Tom Holland being British vs. Yokozuna being Samoan, and more topics get backstage heat on episode 99.0.

Summer is here, but so are your Bros. Dive in the deep end of pro wrestling world on the latest edition of The Bros B4 Elbows show.

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