Brock Lesnar should cash in on Kofi Kingston (and lose)

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WWE should put Brock Lesnar’s shocking Money In The Bank win to good use by having him cash in, and lose, to Kofi Kingston rather than Seth Rollins.

On the preview for the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE teased Brock Lesnar coming to an official decision on who he will cash in his Money In The Bank contract on.

Will it be Seth Rollins, the man who slayed ‘The Beast’ at WrestleMania, or the red-hot WWE Champion Kofi Kingston?

For those familiar with the rumors surrounding Lesnar’s unexpected win, the answer may be clear.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc), Lesnar will choose Rollins as his cash-in target with a match between the two for the Universal Championship taking place at WWE Super ShowDown. Apparently, this has allegedly been the plan for quite some time too.

Unfortunately, to say that would be a disappointing usage of the Money In The Bank briefcase would be a grand understatement.

Continuing the Lesnar versus Rollins rivalry is about the least intriguing way WWE could use the briefcase. It’s a storyline we saw more than enough of on the road to WrestleMania. There’s nothing interest left to be said or done between the 2 superstars.

On top of that, using the briefcase to make a scheduled match is almost always a less exciting option.

Part of what made it appear like Lesnar might even have the slightest chance of being a worthy Money In The Bank winner was the ever-present cloud of danger he was seemingly going to cast over Rollins and Kingston. There were elements of danger and uncertainty felt intriguing. Scheduling a title match takes that away.

Finally, using the briefcase at Super ShowDown of all shows is a poor decision to say the absolute least. When the Money In The Bank winner could have easily been any number of popular superstars more deserving of a push than Lesnar to begin with, using the briefcase to promote a show many rightfully don’t support is just adding salt to the wound.

However, it’s not too late for this alleged decision to change.

The fact that the preview for Raw would make such a big deal out of Lesnar’s decision in the first place could imply we’re going to see something surprising. Additionally, Kofi Kingston is already supposed to be fighting Dolph Ziggler at Super ShowDown, seemingly making any decision for the show on Lesnar’s behalf rather obvious if the rumors of the location of his title match held true.

Combine those 2 factors together, and perhaps there’s still hope for a different storyline yet.

That different storyline should be simple. Brock Lesnar should cash in on Kofi Kingston rather than Seth Rollins.

A rivalry between Lesnar and Kingston would be fresh and intriguing. It’s something we haven’t seen before, and could easily lead to a memorable match down the road.

Kofi Kingston has already been one of the more exciting WWE Champions in recent memory. He’s had numerous thrilling title defenses in just a few weeks of holding the belt, a true rarity nowadays. A fearless encounter with Brock Lesnar would only add to his reputation as a fighting, fan-friendly champion.

Additionally, Kingston defeating Lesnar, as would be the only logical and just outcome in any match between two, would add a fair amount of prestige to Kingston’s reign as champion. Only a select few top stars have been able to beat Lesnar, and Kingston easily deserves to be on that list.

On the other hand, Seth Rollins already holds a spot on that high-profile list of superstars to have conquered ‘The Conqueror’, so there’s virtually nothing that would be gained from having him do it again.

Moreover, seeing Lesnar go after SmackDown’s top title instead of Raw’s would also help even out the brands a bit more. Although it already seems like the brand split may be nearing it’s last breath, it’s still important for the shows to appear equal, especially with SmackDown’s deal with Fox drawing closer by the week.

Like it or not, Brock Lesnar adds a certain air of importance to the show and brand he’s on. His status as one of the most protected stars we’ve ever seen in WWE ensures that. Having him appear on SmackDown instead of Raw would hopefully help erase any remaining thoughts that the blue brand somehow has the lesser show.

When you add all of those factors up, and throw in the fact that Lesnar likely wouldn’t be cashing in during a scheduled match at Super ShowDown anymore in this scenario, and you seem to get a pretty clear picture of what WWE needs to do.

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Brock Lesnar needs to declare on Raw that he’s setting his sights on Kofi Kingston and the WWE Championship. It’s by far the best decision that could be made right now.


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