Brock Lesnar reportedly set for multiple WWE Raw appearances

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It’s still not a lot of dates, but it’s not like he wrestles matches when he shows up anyway.

As we were reminded again last Monday, WWE can bring Paul Heyman out to sell Brock Lesnar matches and save appearances by the Beast himself for big shows and/or when he feels like F5-ing someone.

PWInsider says the Universal champ is set for three appearances on Raw between now and his scheduled defense against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35 on April 7 in New Jersey. They’re all in big markets or dates of some significance, so he’ll probably just be doing the old jump, jog, grimace and smirk routine. But there could be a suplex or two on these shows, especially the last one before the Granddaddy Of Them All.

Here’s when we’ll see the champ:

  • Feb. 25 in Atlanta, for which they’ve been advertising Ric Flair’s 70th birthday celebration
  • Mar. 18 in Chicago
  • April 1 in Washington, D.C., the ‘go home’ show for ‘Mania

For the other four Monday stops between here and MetLife Stadium, plan on hearing Seth Rollins talk about how Brock doesn’t come to work, doesn’t care about the business, etc.

Or you can go back and watch Roman Reigns’ promos from last spring. Same difference.

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