Bray Wyatt has advice for parents concerned his new character is scary

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Free parenting advice from Bray Wyatt? Thank you evil clown man.

Here’s the great thing fellow fireflies, Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse is suitable for the whole family. Just ask Wyatt himself.

Thanks to the magic of social media, Wyatt is now able to address concerned parents directly after this week’s episode of Firefly Funhouse aired on Raw. In a truly unforgettable episode, burned into our memories forever, Wyatt finally shared his secret with his fans.

In case you missed it, Wyatt’s secret was dark, horrifying, and cool as hell. Unless you were a parent of a child watching Raw and you were expecting another light-hearted episode of the Firefly Funhouse; then it was probably not fun at all.

Being a changed man, Wyatt offered some parental advice for anyone concerned or disturbed by last Monday’s great revealing.

Bray Wyatt available to babysit?

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