Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley is now a must see feud

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After Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman versus Bobby Lashley might just be the most exciting feud to watch heading into WWE Extreme Rules.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley were not having a great feud heading into Monday Night Raw. Arm wrestling, tug-of-war, and semi truck pulls aren’t really compelling beats to build a WWE storyline around nowadays.

If you top those angles off by charging through an LED board and triggering enough pyro for a 4th of July display though, then that becomes a different story.

After finally getting their hands on one another in a real match outside of Super ShowDown, Lashley and Strowman were well on their way towards having quite the entertaining bout before that explosive conclusion.

Combine that with the fact that they instantly created one of the most thrilling moments in the entire company since WrestleMania, and you have the recipe for a must-see feud heading into Extreme Rules.

It just goes to show what can happen when WWE put superstars like Lashley and Strowman in straight-up wars that emphasize what fans should love about those competitors.

For awhile now, WWE hasn’t tapped into Braun Strowman’s real potential. His push had ground to a halt before Raw, as the company seemed determined to make him more of a sideshow than an actual “Monster Among Men”.

Now however, WWE seems ready to reignite that push by having Strowman commit an act of such undeniable brutality that you can’t help but take notice of him again.

On the other side of the equation, Bobby Lashley has been mostly directionless after moving on from the Intercontinental Championship and his partnership with Lio Rush.

As we all should know by now, Lashley is a superstar who always has immense potential. He’s arguably one of the most impressive athletes in WWE, but has consistently been watered down by questionable angles in his most recent run with the company.

Well question no more, since this rivalry with Braun Strowman looks set to bring out the best in Bobby Lashley once again.

In other words, this feud, and whatever crazy match ends it at Extreme Rules, could give both superstars the momentum they desperately need to become factors again in WWE.

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I don’t know who you can credit in the company for finally pulling the trigger on having them go full force at one another, but there’s no doubting that both Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman look primed to steal the spotlight for the first time in awhile on the build to Extreme Rules.



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