Brands from roast beef to baseball recognize power of wrestling Twitter

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Tapping into knowledge Wendy’s has long possessed, a couple of corporate Twitter accounts made graps references today and saw their #engagement numbers spike as a result.

First up was Arbys, which took a moment away from having the meats to promote their curly fries with AEW’s Best Bout Machine:

They got a retweet from Kenny Omega himself, and their original is one of the most retweeted and liked tweets in their timeline, quickly catching up to their call for #ArbysWaifu fanart from earlier this month.

Wrestling Twitter is strong, (and probably has a considerable amount of crossover with) but is no match for cutesy anime meme Twitter.

Next up, and IMHO with a much more clever reference, are the Oakland As. The baseball club from the burg on the east side of the San Francisco Bay is playing the Seattle Mariners in the first series of the season over in Japan. At the Tokyo Dome.

You may see where this joke is going, but I bet it pops you anyway…

The account for one of only 30 major league baseball teams gets good numbers on the regular – just post a clip of an Athletic going yard and get 500 likes – but this one did really well for them, really quickly (3.8K as of this writing). Plus, I think they made the “cool” MLB account jealous…

So, enjoy the jokes and know that you are seen, wrestling Twitter.

Thanks to Cagesider Mike Gomez for making sure these didn’t slip past my radar!

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