Booking Ideas For The Top 1 Percent In WWE

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Ethan Carter III is one of the many talented wrestlers on the WWE roster that has floundered in recent months. These angles could correct the problem and build him back up.

There’s a growing narrative across WWE that a wide swath of the talent is growing unhappy with their creative direction. As names like Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose, The Revival and others have reportedly vented about their use; that list could grow as there’s many men and women who are being wasted on a weekly basis.

A popular opinion across wrestling media and the social media space is that Ethan Carter III, also known as EC3, is an athlete that WWE creative is missing the boat on repeatedly. Since being called up to the main roster this past December, his use has been puzzling, if not outright infuriating.

At every pass, it seems like EC3 is placed in an embarrassing situation that undermines his abilities as a wrestler.

Thankfully, this situation can be corrected with careful booking across the board. Just like the others that are reportedly upset, or misused, creative direction can be corrected with a few key decisions.

After his initial run with the WWE, EC3 went on to other promotions, like TNA where he became a multiple-time champion, showing that he can hang with the top names in the industry. He has the look, talent and abilities to be a main event player on the Raw roster. These four suggestions can help book him back in that direction.

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