BJ Penn Videoed In Parking Lot Brawl With Strip Club Bouncer

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His last few UFC fights haven’t gone exactly as planned, but Hall of Famer BJ Penn still has what it takes to trounce a strip club bouncer. Gossip dumping ground TMZ posted video earlier today of Penn allegedly top gaming a security worker in the parking lot of a Hawaiian gentlemen’s establishment Club Femme Nu.

In an interview with TMZ, Club Femme Nu’s owner asserted that patron Penn was “very drunk” and being escorted from the premises when his bouncer discovered what happens if you try to escort out one of the most decorated grapplers in contemporary sports. Alcohol may effect life choices, but it doesn’t effect takedowns and crossfacing…much:

No word on whether the shoes and shirt came off before or after the altercation began.

Police were reportedly called to the scene, but Penn had already left the premises and charges do not appear to have been pursued at this time.

The kerfuffle comes less than a month after the UFC stated Penn would no longer be receiving matchups under their banner, and encouraged him to retire again.

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Kimberly Kaye

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