Bigger than SHEsus Show Recap

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The Riot Grrls of Pro Wrestling were back on top form last night at the latest sold-out Pro Wrestling EVE show – the brilliantly named ‘Bigger Than SHEsus’. As the road to Wrestle Queendom draws ever closer, rivalries are blossoming before our very eyes, and every woman is out to prove her worth. And you know what that means: really, really good wrestling is going to happen.

EVE are on a roll this year, selling out every show they’ve run so far, and consistently pulling it out of the bag. With debuting stars like Mercedes Martinez and Mary Apache, as well as seasoned EVE veterans such as Charlie Morgan and Laura DiMatteo, it’s been a strong start to 2019 for London’s most badass pro-wrestling promotion. And with undead brides, new faces and rematch clauses invoked, there was plenty of action to unpack. Let’s take a look at what went down.


4-Way: Gisele Shaw vs Roxxy vs Charli Evans vs Laura DiMatteo


It’s no secret that Laura DiMatteo is one of the indie scene’s best wrestlers right now. A dynamic pocket rocket, the diminutive Italian has a kind of natural babyface fire that’s hard to manufacture, and her speed and agility make her enormous fun to watch in the ring. Against the far more physically imposing Gisele Shaw (AKA WOW’s Azteca) she had a chance to really shine – the clash of styles made for an exciting match, enhanced by the presence of Roxxy (always a joy, and even moreso with her trusty Gregg’s cup) and delightfully villainous Charli Evans.

There were a lot of excellent spots in this match: Roxxy, Gisele Shaw and Laura DiMatteo putting aside their differences in an attempt to triple-team submit Charli Evans was a particularly inspired moment. But Gisele Shaw’s beautiful top rope Spanish Fly takes top honours. Still, it wasn’t enough to stop Laura DiMatteo, who picked up a much-needed win, and hopefully some fresh momentum heading towards Wrestle Queendom.

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