Bellew: Fury is Technically Best Heavyweight on Planet By a Mile

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Former world champion and Sky Sports pundit Tony Bellew views Tyson Fury as the most technically sound boxer in the heavyweight division by a huge margin and he doesn’t believe there is any debate on the subject.

The past Saturday night, Fury made his Las Vegas debut as he knocked out the overmatched Tom Schwarz in two rounds at the MGM Grand.

“You can’t make no mistake here, Tyson Fury is technically the best heavyweight on the planet by a country mile. He’s the best boxer of them all. It’s just certain things that he lacks like pure brute power and force of someone like an Anthony Joshua. But, as we’ve seen recently, that can be beaten by other things – by timing and punch variety. Each heavyweight has a flaw. Tyson Fury goes down, but he gets up as we’ve seen. He can never be wrote off,” Bellew told Talk Sport.

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Ironically, last year Bellew as very vocally calling out Fury to a potential fight and felt confident that he was capable of shocking him.

At the time, Fury was still very much overweight and coming off a layoff of over two years.

While his opinion is very high of Fury – Bellew does not share the same opinion about Wilder, although he does admit the WBC champion is very dangerous.

Fury and Wilder fought to controversial twelve round split draw in December 2018.

“They all have their flaws. Deontay Wilder technically is probably the worst heavyweight champion of all time. He’s a one-trick pony, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a hell of a trick. If that trick hits you, you wake up in an ambulance. It’s as simple as that,” Bellew said.

“As long as he’s standing, Deontay Wilder is dangerous. He’s probably the most destructive puncher since Mike Tyson – with one punch. He’s that powerful, he really is, there’s not a fighter in the world who can stand in trade with Deontay Wilder in my opinion. You have to nail him, move, make him miss now and again, and Tyson Fury did that in the first fight. I thought Tyson Fury beat him the first time round.”

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