‘Being the Elite’ – The Beginning

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Becoming “Being the Elite”

With the success of Double or Nothing and the re-ignition of the “wrestling wars,” AEW has become one of the most buzzed about wrestling companies on the planet. Their first showing was strong, their marketing has been excellent (All Out sold out in fifteen minutes), but there are still so many questions about the future of the company. What will AEW TV look like? How sustainable will their company be when it really goes head to head with a billionaire dollar mega corporation? Does Pharaoh have an ownership stake in the company?

In this new CageSide series, I’ll be pondering these questions as I watch Being the Elite from the beginning to try and get an inside perspective into the inner workings of the Young Bucks mind! Perhaps it will lead to some interesting revelations regarding AEW’s future…or maybe it will just be silly and fun. Personally, I never watched Being the Elite, preferring to catch glimpses of the punchlines in GIF form on Twitter, but now seems like the perfect time to revisit the YouTube series and see what all the fuss is about.

Episode 1

My first thought was 2016 was not that long ago! Being the Elite feels like it’s been around way longer than that. The first episode is basically just a vlog. Matt is driving (and looks super cute in his glasses.) and Nick is talking about wrestling in Japan for only 22 hours before hopping on a plane to come back to the US for more traveling!

Nick walks the fine line between sharing their behind the scenes life and complaining about the travel, so it doesn’t feel like he’s being a baby. It’s clear that between ROH and NJPW they are just overworked and exhausted. Matt responds here and there, but mostly keeps his eyes on the road, so good for Matt especially since he probably shouldn’t be driving on such little sleep as it is…

The video peppers in some clips of them wrestling, them signing the wall at a Japanese restaurant autograph – basically anything that Nick references they show a clip of which is nice because it breaks up the talking and clearly gave Nick something to do on these long plane rides. I mean, someone has to learn how to edit the videos!

Nick laments that their wives are going to be mad at them for all the traveling, but concedes that such is the life of a professional wrestler. Also, Nick said they live an HOUR APART. Truly, the most shocking revelation in this entire video.

Watching this makes me realize how much they want control of their own schedule when it comes to traveling and who wouldn’t honestly? They went all the way to Japan for TWENTY TWO hours! When in doubt, start your own company.

The video ends with one of their cut AF kids chanting “this is awesome.” Awesome is a strong word for a six minute vlog where nothing happens, but it certainly was entertaining!

Episode 2

In Episode two, the Bucks are bringing their parents along on one leg of their War of the Worlds tour because it’s Mother’s Day soon and they want to show them Niagara Falls. They also give up their first class seats to their parents because they are such good boys!

Then they are backstage at the ROH show in Chicago and cheekily say into the camera, “We’ve got a big angle tonight…” knowing that this episode will be released after the show premieres. I was actually at this show and I can confirm it was AWESOME live when Adam Cole (Bay Bay) joined the Bullet Club as their American Kenny Omega fill in.

There is a lot of ROH footage used in this video and I can’t help thinking how stupid ROH is for letting them use it without some kind of partner stake in the series. Bet Bully Ray is having a stern talking to with someone about it as we speak.

Back in the car with mom and dad apologizing for kicking dad in the face during the show on Mother’s Day. As Matt explains, “there is not a living moving thing that we wont super kick.” Also, does Nick ever drive? Matt should be allowed to sleep at some point…

There is a video game mo cap montage where basically they just crotch shot in various angles all around the wrestling ring followed by self diagnosed spray tan addict Matt Jackson applying way too much tanner to his bod. “The more orange the better!”

Adam Page joins the Bullet Club, they go to Niagara Falls, then to the Empire State Building, then to Time Square and finally end up a bench Central Park. It’s a bit frantic, the editing of them jumping to place to place to place, but it does simulate what it must be like on the road, always somewhere new.

In Central Park they are banged up and banged up good. Matt probably broke his hand and Nick he broke his ribs. Nick is off the Super Juniors tour and Matt is a TBD. Both injuries are from Micheal Elign, who is already a known garbage monster, and this just made me hate him more.


The video ends with Nick ringside videoing Matt wrestling for their blog because he can’t wrestle.

The Bucks traveling. Per usual.
Being The Elite: Episode 2

Episode 3

This episode comes almost three weeks after episode 2 and it’s clear that BTE is Nick’s brain child and Matt was like, “I’m not doing that without you.”

Nick is back on the road with his brother and is, in his words, “60/70% healed.” Which, honestly, is not enough to wrestle like a Young Buck! How do these men do all these flips and stunts on no sleep with broken bodies??

Wrestling is art!

Nick is sad to be back on the road and as a performer I get that. I love performing. I hate everything else that comes along with it.

There is a series of clips of them prepping for the ROH shows, filming ROH segments of them kicking everyone in the face and signing autographs with the fans. They are gracious and funny as always.

Then it’s just Nick. Alone. Watching everyone else wrestle because he isn’t cleared yet. Imagine doing all the traveling just to stand there and watch! Poor Nick and also ALMOST ALL OF THE WWE ROSTER.

The video ends with them sad because they miss their Wrestle Dad, Kenny Omega, complete with a weird (and entirely appropriate) musical tribute.

I think this whole series was created just so they can send Kenny updates on their life on the road and they just decided to make it public.

Episode 4

Hey! Matt is recording now…but only to make fun of his brother for being all emotional about sports. Brotherly love and all that.

Too be honest, nothing really happens in this video. They show clips of them traveling with a truly terrible free music archive tune. They have their first match together in almost 4 weeks. They eat ribs at Outback Steakhouse and watch themselves on TV. They detangle their tassels and joke about Macho Man and The Rockers detangling theirs. Matt has a bruised sternum, but his hand feels good! Matt “honors himself” in an airport massage chair. They cut a promo in their hotel room calling for a four corners-pin fall-submission over the top rope-elimination match and put Vader on blast.

Oh, and then they kill Elmo.

Episode 5

The episode begins with Matt face timing is incredibly cute children before take-off while Nick tries to get footage for the episode. Matt is trying to be nice, but clearly wants to smack his brother so he can talk to his daughter in peace. I love these moments when their sibling energy really comes through. I’m an only child so I don’t get it, but I imagine being with your brother for 85% of your life at all times has got to be frustrating at times.

There is a clip of them giving their dad a Father’s Day gift and naturally it is a tapestry of them superkicking him in the face. Which is basically a double dip gift. Mom gets to watch her husband kicked in the face for Mother’s Day and dad get’s to relive that memory for Father’s Day.

Then The Bucks are finally reunited with their dad – the wrestling one – they embrace and Kenny takes them out for coffee. It is here that we learn that Nick doesn’t drink coffee and I am shook. HOW ARE YOU A WRESTLER WHO NEVER SLEEPS AND IS CONSTANTLY TRAVELING AND NOT BE A COFFEE GUY NICK?

During the NJPW show The Bucks sneak under the ring as young boys to help their wreslte dad win his match against against BOO Micheal Elgin.

More people should video themselves under the ring because it is fascinating and so weird. I wish they had filmed bits of them under there while the wrestling was happening because I’m so curious as to what it sounds like. I hope they wore earplugs!

They get caught and ultimately get thrown out of the stadium and, frankly, I blame Micheal Elgin. He ruins everything fun.

The video ends with Big E wearing a Young Bucks shirt. Naturally.

Overall, I had a really great time watching the first five episodes of Being the Elite. Nothing really happened and it’s a long way off from being what I would call must see tv, but it was really fun to watch The Bucks just be The Bucks. They play bad guys on TV, but they are the best boys!

I’m excited to see how the show evolves from the vlog format into the show it is now! No big revelations about the future of AEW other than the fact that The Bucks probably really wanted to be in charge of their own traveling schedule because boy, the first half of 2016 was bananas!

Join me here next week for Being the Elite episode 6-10.

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