Becky & Ronda’s worked shoot now involves a movie about a movie

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In case your head wasn’t spinning enough already from the Becky Lynch/Ronda Rousey worked shoot tweet war of the last couple days, The Man went into the video lab for her response to Rousey lawyering up. She’s tripled down on comparing Rowdy to Tommy Wiseau, so now we’ve got Ronda’s trainwreck promo from the Raw after Royal Rumble spliced into The Disaster Artist, the James Franco movie about the making of Wiseau’s The Room:

Rousey fired back with a muted, bootleg video of Lynch’s NXT debut back in 2014. Which is funny, but kind of irrelevant? Becky’s stereotypically Irish, Riverdance gimmick didn’t last long. More importantly, she wasn’t flustered in the role, and as the perfectly legal version of the video proves, was cheered regardless of how ridiculous the act was. But I guess this is Ronda’s way of again mocking the show business elements of pro wrestling without saying “fake”? Maybe? But wouldn’t that also be a sign of what Lynch preserved through to get to her current position? Or evidence Rousey is shaken by someone who used to play a caricature?

I’m really at a loss:

Back to Becky’s latest, though. The use of The Room and The Disaster Artist is… quite something. People still argue about whether Wiseau is for real, and if he thought The Room was good, or if he and the movie are one ongoing piece of performance art.

So WWE is playing work or shoot with something people play work or shoot about.

Or Becky is? Or who they hell knows at this point. The only thing everybody can agree on is that someone is getting worked – just everyone thinks it’s someone else.

Wake me up when the wrestling conversation is about something other than whether or not wrestlers are really mad at each other online and who’s doing what on the creative team.

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