Becky Lynch’s 10 Greatest Moments Ahead Of WrestleMania 35

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Ranking the 10 greatest moments in Becky Lynch’s journey to the main event of WrestleMania 35.

Becky Lynch’s road to the main event of WrestleMania didn’t begin at the Royal Rumble. Rather, her journey started 17 years ago at a wrestling school in Ireland, set up by fellow WWE Superstar Finn Balor.

“The Man” isn’t just a persona she plays on TV, but it also mirrors her climb to the top of the professional wrestling mountain. Becky Lynch was never handed anything. She had to fight for it all, and after years of not getting the opportunity she deserved, Lynch took over and proved why she’s a headline act.

Becky’s journey started in Ireland and went through England, but it’s in New York where her road to the top will be complete. Before becoming The Irish Lass Kicker, Lynch was a flight attendant and worked towards becoming a personal trainer, all following her decision to walk away from wrestling in 2006 after a serious injury. But Lynch eventually returned to the ring to chase her dream of main eventing WrestleMania.

Her journey to the top of the WWE has been no smooth ride, either. The Man summed it up perfectly in a recent Instagram post of her debut match on NXT:

“A couple of weeks before this they were going to let me go. I’ve been fighting to survive this place since before day one. I’ll never be above what I had to do to stay alive.”

But here she is, just weeks away from main eventing on the grandest stage of them all against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

As The Man prepares for the most important night of her career, let’s take a look back at the greatest 10 moments in her rise to the top.

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