Becky Lynch Just Kind Of Invited Conor McGregor To WrestleMania

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is undoubtedly WWE’s biggest star – a point she further proved by getting Conor McGregor in her corner.

Earlier today, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch made it clear that she stands alone and is channeling nobody as “The Man”, even if plenty of fans and pundits like to make comparisons to her and UFC star Conor McGregor.

That initial tweet from Becky started a little bit of a friendly back-and-forth with McGregor, who told the SmackDown Women’s Champion that he has her back, asking her to call him whenever he needs “proper back up”.

And if you want to take that as a dig at Charlotte Flair, who is trying to get on Becky’s good side after beating Ronda Rousey into a pulp at Survivor Series, then you are well within your right to do so.

In her bio, Becky wrote that she wishes WWE gave “handles” to the Women’s Divisions. Why? Well, she’s already carrying both divisions, so WWE might as well make life easier on her by at least giving her the handles.

Lynch doubled-down on her claim (fact?) that she’s carrying both divisions in her quote of McGregor’s tweet, and she also not-so-subtly invited the former UFC Champion to be in her corner at WrestleMania 35.

There are rumblings that Becky could be in the main event of WrestleMania next year, which takes place in New York City, whether that’s a singles match against Rousey or a Triple Threat match that also involves Charlotte. Either of those two matches would be awesome, but I have a feeling most fans would prefer if Charlotte were left out of this one, only because it’d be another instance of her trying to force Becky in her shadow.

Either way, McGregor is a powerful friend to have. And while it’s unclear if McGregor and New York City would mix well, especially at an event like WrestleMania, I’m sure McGregor would love to get in Rousey’s head a little.

However, how about Cyborg? She and Becky have a great relationship and have teased a match before. Cyborg also isn’t afraid to call out Rousey to create a little bit of attention, and she’d probably be a better MMA star for Becky to have in her corner, even if McGregor has the chemistry advantage thus far.

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Becky is getting the MMA world buzzing, and it’s pretty dang clear that she’s “drawing” eyeballs to WWE with her brilliant run as the champ.

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