Becky Lynch is still dunking on Edge & it’s amazing

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I’m not even sure this new message from Becky Lynch is about Edge or just how great she is. Either way it works.

Since the moment Lynch stood up to Charlotte Flair following their match at SummerSlam, everything the Irish Lass Kicker has touched has turned to fire.

On a historic episode of SmackDown this past week, it was Lynch’s segment with Edge that stole the show. The SmackDown women’s champion lit into The Rated R Superstar with an off the cuff comment that felt all too real.

Heel or face, Lynch’s delivery was on point and watching her verbally twist the knife into Edge made for good television.

Now a few a day removed from the altercation, and Lynch is still going in on Edge.

Then Lynch dropped this gem today.


If there was still any doubt which WWE women’s feud should main event Evolution, Lynch may leave the promotion little choice if she continues her onscreen (and off-screen) hot streak.

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