Becky Lynch Had One Of The Most Bad-Ass Rumble Victories Ever

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Becky Lynch has won the WWE Royal Rumble, bringing a happy ending to a story, something WWE does not do very often.

Becky Lynch opened the WWE Royal Rumble with a killer match against Asuka, where she just fell short of defeating her. Asuka and Becky went to war, and Becky barely lost, but could not hold on any longer when Asuka transitioned from the Asuka Lock to the Cattle Mutilation (making a young Bryan Danielson smile, I’m sure). Becky tapped out, and Asuka looked strong. Becky’s WrestleMania dream was, seemingly, over.

During the Royal Rumble, everyone was waiting for the moment when Lynch would make her entrance, but as the numbers dwindled to two remaining we all thought that Becky would have to be 29. She wasn’t. No. 30 hit, and Carmella entered, and there was no Becky Lynch. For a brief moment, because I am so used to WWE not giving the fans what they want, I despaired.

However, Lana was injured earlier in the evening when she was accidentally shoved off the apron during during the match between Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. Lana was slowly making her way towards the ring for the Rumble, but was badly injured. Nia Jax entered at 29 and destroyed Lana’s leg further, to the great discouragement of the crowd. The only spot left was No. 30, and we knew it was Carmella.

Carmella entered, and suddenly all hope was lost. But then, Becky Lynch walked out and asked to take Lana’s place. She begged Fit Finaly to allow her to enter. Finlay, hearing the thunderous cheers from the crowd, agreed. Becky Lynch entered the Rumble, and soon thereafter it was down to the final 3 – Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Nia Jax. Soon, Becky was left on the floor, and Charlotte picked up Nia and dumped her onto the apron.

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Becky stood up and pulled Nia off the apron, and then Nia, in a fit of revenge, shoved Becky off the stairs, injuring Becky’s ankle. Charlotte began to walk around the ring, showing the classic Flair arrogance we are familiar with. The referees were about to declare Charlotte as the winner, but Becky rolled into the ring and begged to fight. It looked like Becky was going to lose, but in the last moment, Becky managed to throw Charlotte over the top rope and win the Royal Rumble, forever proving that she is, indeed, The Man.

WWE gave us exactly what we wanted, and it was beautiful.

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