Becky Lynch gets the happy ending

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The women are finally main eventing WWE WrestleMania 35, and wrestling fans were all kinds of excited for the “Winner Takes All” match between Becky Lynch, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, and Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

Wrestling fans saw Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston grab title victories in their must-win matchups, but would Becky Lynch close WWE WrestleMania 35 with a defining babyface victory? The odds are stacked against her with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair entering the match with titles around their shoulders, but Becky has made a career out of overcoming the odds, has beaten Charlotte several times, and is the Women’s Rumble winner. Regardless, this match promises to be on another level of greatness, and the fans couldn’t have been more hyped going into it.

The entrances from all three women were definitely incredible, and this match does indeed feel like an absolutely massive, era- defining deal. All three competitors walked in with fire in their eyes, and fans knew they would be in for a Match of the Year contender.

Though the bell rang, all three women stared each other down to feel each other out before attacking, wanting to know where to go first. Charlotte faked an attack, and Becky went at Ronda first. She paid for it, trying to go for a Dis-Arm-Her before being met by a plethora of strikes. Rousey forced both Becky and Charlotte out of the ring before quickly following up on Becky on the outside, powering Lynch into the barricade. She then sent Charlotte packing with a Piper’s Pit.

Rousey attempted to do the same to Becky, who drove Rousey into the post before kicking her, and Charlotte finished the job by throwing the Raw Women’s Champion into the barricade.

Charlotte and Becky stared each other down before trading strikes at a rapid pace, and it was Flair who locked in on the injured knee. She teased a Dis-Arm-Her on Becky, but Lynch countered into a roll-up and teased a Figure Four before Rousey jumped back into the match.

As Rousey had Charlotte locked into an arm-focused submission on the ropes, Lynch hit her with a mean dropkick to the outside that sent Rousey crashing head-first onto the floor. Charlotte and Becky then started grappling frantically, with The Queen going for an early cover. Frustrated, Flair went for some boots on Lynch before exposing the knee and targeting the back of the head.

Lynch was able to get a Dis-Arm-Her on Charlotte and seemed to be poised for an early win, but Rousey saved her title. She almost locked in an Armbar on Becky, but Charlotte snuffed out the finishing maneuver attempt on The Man.

Charlotte hit Natural Selection on both women and scrambled to cover Becky, who she views as the weaker opponent, first, but Lynch kicked out of the familiar finisher before Ronda did the same. Becky was dumped to the outside, and Charlotte started chopping Rousey up.

Rousey tried to talk some trash in the face of the chops, but Flair slapped her in the face in response, nearly paying for it when Ronda went for another Armbar.

Showing off her athleticism, Charlotte did a handspring onto the apron and went to the top rope, where Becky met her for a NASTY Bex-ploder off the top rope and a nearfall. This match was getting more vicious by the second, and Rousey added to it by hitting a double crossbody right after. She put both women in an Armbar, but they worked together to powerbomb Rousey not once…not twice…but thrice! Such was Ronda’s grip on them in the Armbar!

Flair nearly put Rousey away by surprise after dumping Becky out of the ring, but the former UFC star kicked out at the very last second to keep the intense main event going. Becky slowly climbed back up to the apron, baited Charlotte, and picked up a close nearfall, knowing how close she was to putting the SmackDown Women’s Champion away.

Becky put Rousey in the Dis-Arm-Her, rolling through to hold onto the submission twice, but Rousey was unsurprisingly able to crawl to the ropes to break it up. More damage would have to be done on Ronda, who sent Becky into the turnbuckle with her power. Cursing, Ronda charged at Becky but paid for it, and Charlotte re-joined the matchup to get a nearfall on Becky.

Charlotte started to focus on Rousey’s injured leg, and she even slammed it against the ring post, destroying the legs to soften Ronda up for a possible Figure Four or Figure Eight later.

And she did just that! Bridging into the Figure Eight before Becky flew in from out of nowhere to save this championship match! (The replay showed that she delivered a leg drop from the top rope to break up the submission from The Queen.)

Becky brought in a table to add an important wrinkle to the match, needing something extra to get a “W”. But Rousey was having none of it, throwing it down and yelling, “Tables are for bitches!”

Later, she’d pay, as Charlotte set up the table in the corner, ramming Ronda’s face into it several times. Charlotte, who hit a double-spear earlier, then speared Becky for a close call after countering yet another ill-fated Dis-Arm-Her attempt.

It wasn’t Ronda, though, who went through the table…it was Charlotte! And both women, after Charlotte had a chance to slide out of the ring to regroup, started to stare each other down and slam each other viciously!

Ready for one last effort, Rousey got to her feet with Becky on her shoulders, poised for Piper’s Pit! And Becky countered it into a pin for the win!

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Becky is the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion! The Man’s journey to the summit of WWE is complete, and while it may have ended in controversy for some, all that matter is that she’s the double champ.

What a special night, and what a way to close the first all-women’s main event in WrestleMania history. I will never forget the final shot of a jubilant, exhausted Becky holding up both titles to the crowd and the pyro as the culmination of her incredible journey was realized.

I love pro wrestling.




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