Becky Lynch Challenges Ronda Rousey

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WWE SmackDown Live Becky Lynch Royal Rumble


After an amazing Royal Rumble that saw Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan come away with major wins, what might be next for SmackDown Live?

There’s not many moments in WWE history quite like Becky Lynch’s Royal Rumble win. That kind of practically unanimous fan support is unheard of nowadays. Its now up to this week’s SmackDown to find a way to capitalize on it.

Fortunately, that task shouldn’t be too arduous considering that unprecedented level of fan support Lynch receives on a nightly basis. It still, however, means WWE might need to artfully navigate around some other questionable calls from Royal Rumble.

Primarily, SmackDown will need to address where Lynch goes after tapping out to Asuka.

Tap outs are usually best reserved for heels, something which WWE understands by having babyfaces pass out in submissions when trapped in them during high profile matches. Its a strategy that’s worked wonders in the past with superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, yet WWE failed to implement it during Lynch’s match with Asuka.

How SmackDown Live address that rather odd ending will play a big role in whether or not WWE is initially able to keep Lynch looking strong going into the WrestleMania main event.

Lynch’s submission defeat is far from the only curious booking decision on the blue brand at the Royal Rumble however.

As a solid match against A.J. Styles began to reach its conclusion, we saw Erick Rowan make his return to help Daniel Bryan keep the WWE Championship.

It certainly has the makings of an intriguing storyline, or a disaster waiting to happen, depending on who you ask. Either way, this week’s SmackDown should be able to shed some light on this new tandem.

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