Bayley Should Get A Massive Singles Push On SmackDown Live

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Bayley has shown us before that she can be one of the most compelling superstars in WWE. SmackDown Live should give her the chance to prove that again.

In 2015, Bayley put on a pair of the most memorable matches in recent WWE history against Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship

Both matches brought a level of emotional intensity that you simply don’t find in your average rivalry. Bayley, as the lovable underdog, had an immediate connection with fans that some superstars spend their whole careers trying to capture.

Her path to gaining the confidence needed to take down the supremely self-confident champion in Banks was brought to a spectacular culmination in these matches. We saw Bayley fight to overcome her struggles, eventually reaching the pinnacle of NXT after an incredible iron woman match at NXT TakeOver: Respect.

Bayley’s work in that story arc was befitting of someone who appeared like they could not only lead the WWE women’s divisions for years to come, but could even become one of the de facto faces of the entire company if given the chance.

Those chances just haven’t come on the main roster.

Bayley has been in somewhat of a limbo since her time in NXT. At times, she’s been able to capture that same level of powerful connection with audiences, but never consistently.

When she finally was able to revive her rivalry with Sasha Banks, on what seemed to be a grand stage on the main roster, it had briefly appeared like that may change. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the storyline became marred in a series of poorly executed angles and twists.

Even the brief spark of fire resulting from Bayley candidly delivering a brilliantly NSFW insult while beating down Banks couldn’t ignite their rivalry again. For whatever reason, WWE just couldn’t capture lightning in a bottle twice with Bayley and Banks.

In a roundabout way, that entire storyline then lead Bayley down her recent path as one half of the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions with Banks.  It was a deserving honor for both superstars who had left so much out there in the ring over these past few years.

Nevertheless, it still didn’t give Bayley a chance to shine like she had in NXT. Even though it was a step in the right direction, The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection’s title win didn’t feel like it quite reached the level we witnessed Bayley achieve all those years prior.

Now, however, WWE finally has a chance to give Bayley the opportunity to carry the women’s division in the way many fans felt she could based on her time in NXT.

On SmackDown Live, Bayley should have the opportunities necessary to finally begin to emphasize her character work again. The chances to build up to the level of momentum she had as a singles competitor in 2015.

This time on SmackDown Live is WWE’s chance to let Bayley truly flourish on the main roster. It’s a chance to let her wipe the slate clean, and receive a fresh start unrestricted from the disjointed storytelling which has plagued her in the past.

She has numerous potential rivals on the brand who are more than capable of holding their own in any sort of rivalry or angle that’s thrown at them. Superstars like Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have proven time and time again that they are once in a lifetime level talents in of themselves. You can’t ask for better than them as potential rivals.

All WWE has to do now is give Bayley the time and freedom to build a feud with Flair or Lynch. It should be that simple.

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There’s just so much more untapped potential in Bayley than WWE has shown us over recent years. If SmackDown Live is truly the “land of opportunities,” then now should finally be the time the company lets one of their most underutilized stars soar on the main roster.



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