Baron Corbin will be the captain of the team RAW at WWE Survivor Series

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On the way to WWE’s Survivor Series event, the RAW brand has already confirmed the superstar captain of his men’s team. After an entire edition of the Monday Night RAW program dedicated to the definition of the same, interim general manager Baron Corbin ended up announced as captain of his brand team.

The show began with Corbin himself making the announcement known, also presenting Alexa Bliss as captain of the Raw women’s team. This one was interrupted by Kurt Angle, who demanded an opportunity to be the one who captained RAW, also receiving the support of Braun Strowman, who closed the segment by going after Corbin.

Throughout the program, Strowman remained to chase the acting general manager. This pursuit of revenge on the part of Strowman ended with the escape of Corbin, who left Drew McIntyre as his replacement in a fight after Angle himself, in which the former Olympic medalist sought to fill the post.

The fight finally ended with a victory from McIntyre, who defeated Angle and in the process allowed Corbin to maintain his position. This will be the third time that teams from the RAW and SmackDown brands will face each other at Survivor Series, being the first time that Corbin will be part of this encounter.

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