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Back to Basics

Bernardo Faria just came out with a new video in which he weighs the importance of BJJ Basic Moves vs. BJJ’s New Moves.

At the end of the day, Bernardo’s verdict is that a good BJJ player needs both: a good foundation in the basics and a good knowledge of new techniques.

However, he advises that the Basic Moves need to come first.  Bernardo explains that a good closed guard, a good hip escape, a basic knowledge of escapes, etc. are essential to your success.  The latest trick submission won’t do you any good if you get trapped in your opponent’s basic cross collar choke before you can employ your new gimmick.

It’s like trying to dance before you know how to walk.  Yeah, sure, those dance moves are impressive, but you won’t be able to do anything with them until you first have a well-established sense of balance and can walk.  

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Bernardo also believes that the Basic Moves in BJJ lead naturally to the New Moves and that it will be easier for a student to learn those New Moves after they’ve learned the fundamentals.

Even when you get to the point of developing your own Jiu Jitsu style, Bernardo insists the basic moves will be the foundation of your style.  New moves will play a part in your style, but they are added spices or flavors.  

Bernardo’s video is a good reminder of what is most important for BJJ success and helps us keep our perspective on the gentle art instead of drifting out to sea on a tide of new moves when we can no longer feel the ground under our feet.


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