AOC thanks Cody Rhodes for speaking about importance of diversity

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AEW’s first show, Double or Nothing, was a smashing success, and the new promotion gained another boost on the Sunday after the show when representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thanked executive Cody Rhodes for recognizing the importance of diversity.

Since announcing their arrival at the beginning of 2019, AEW have promised to become an alternative for wrestling fans and bring about positive change to a sport that has long remained in the dark ages. A priority for them has been creating an inclusive space where fans of all backgrounds can safely enjoy the form of entertainment they love, and this has been backed up by several signings that show a commitment to diversity.

Brandi Rhodes is an executive at AEW who can be strongly credited for this important approach, and her husband and fellow executive Cody Rhodes has been influenced strongly by her.

After Double or Nothing, Cody told reporters, a moment captured by Sporting News’s Andreas Hale, that being in an interracial marriage with Brandi helped him understand the importance of diversity in all areas of life. For AEW, inclusion isn’t a catchphrase or a “publicity stunt”; it’s the bare minimum in doing the right thing.

In Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the United States House of Representatives, has been hard at work fighting for change as the political sphere begins to include different voices. She was struck by Cody’s words and gave AEW a wonderful shoutout. She praised Cody for sharing a “powerful moment” and remarked that this is an example of the dialogue around race improving in 2019.

AOC, as usual, is on the mark here, and it’s a huge deal for AEW to get this kind of well-deserved recognition from a prominent politician, whose Twitter feed is viewed widely. More importantly, AOC’s kind words are reflective of the fact that AEW are truly trying to do things the right way, and employing wrestlers like Sonny Kiss, Nyla Rose, and Private Party’s Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy go a long way in doing that.

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AEW is here to help change professional wrestling for the better, and wrestling fans are hoping they keep their promise as an inclusive space for everyone. That’s easier said than done, but a concerted effort goes a long way.

After a successful first show and those refreshing comments from Cody Rhodes, it was good to see AOC give the promotion a friendly nod. It’s not often a politician praises a wrestling promotion and directs attention towards one for the right reasons.

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