Any excuse to watch the greatest Sweet Chin Music of all time

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This latest WWE Top 10 video is a showcase of two things:

  1. WWE can get hundreds of thousands of views for damn near anything the digital team decides to put on its massively popular YouTube channel,
  2. The greatest Sweet Chin Music of all time

Really, the first nine matter not. It’s all about number one.

Past “Top Ten”/”Greatest ____” lists from WWE:

– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part one)
– Greatest Crowd Reactions (Part two)
– Greatest babyface turns
– Greatest heel turns
– Famous Firings
– Funniest falls
– Mic botches
– Shocking returns
– Most memorable debuts
– Greatest slaps
– Most surprising championship changes
– Dramatic Royal Rumble endings
– Funniest moments
– Greatest insults
– Biggest breakups
– Fastest title changes
– Craziest kickouts
– Most creative fan chants
– Broken rings
– Ringside Invasions
– Royal Rumble debuts
– Championship title reveals

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