Anthony Mundine Finds His Home Ransacked

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Former world champion Anthony Mundine suspects that he has been robbed by an acquaintance after thousands in cash and goods were stolen from his home last week.

The 43-year-old was robbed between last Thursday and Saturday while he was in Queensland, according to a report from The Daily Telegraph.

After Mundine arrived back home, he discovered that every room in his South Hurstville home had been ransacked.


Besides cash, Mundine says a treasured boxing necklace and watch was taken from his home.

Authorities were called and began an initial investigation of the scene.

While there are no suspects, Mundine indicates that only his close friends and family members know where he lives.

“I have my suspicions — I know it’s someone that has to know me,” Mundine told Newscorp.

“Pretty much no one knows where I live, only really family and friends. I don’t tell anyone anything.

“You’ve just got to know who’s who in the zoo. It will come out eventually, as it always does, just be wary. I’m not angry, it was more upsetting, disappointing.”

It was only a few weeks ago when Mundine suffered the most crushing loss of his boxing run. He saw his pro career come to an end after being crushed in only 96-seconds by countryman Jeff Horn at the Suncorp Stadium.

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