Another sign Bray Wyatt may or may not be returning soon

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For fans still holding out for a Bray Wyatt comeback before WrestleMania 35, some legal grappling outside of the ring may offer a firefly sized glimmer of hope.

Independent wrestler Tatevik Hunanyan, and former Tough Enough applicant, recently applied to trademark the term ‘Sister Abigail’ but her attempt was blocked by WWE.

Attorneys for WWE released a statement to Fightful regarding the trademark dispute.

“(Hunanyan) was an extra for WWE in 2016 and 2017 and expressed a desire to portray the WWE SISTER ABIGAIL character in WWE programming. She never portrayed the WWE SISTER ABIGAIL character and is now attempting to usurp WWE’s intellectual property by filing the Sister Abigail Application.”

WWE continued

“By applying for a mark that is identical in sight, sound and commercial meaning to Opposer’s SISTER ABIGAIL Mark in connection with identical services as those provided by Opposer. Applicant’s applied-for mark in the Sister Abigail Application is likely to cause confusion among consumers as to Opposer’s affiliation and/or sponsorship of Applicant’s services.”

When fans last heard from Wyatt he was still tweeting cryptic messages and perhaps in a roundabout way teased a WWE comeback. Wyatt’s last rant was in Feb. and WWE has still given the pro wrestling world no inclination that The Eater of Worlds will have any meaningful impact on this year’s WrestleMania season.

In the ring, Wyatt has not wrestled since a handful of post-Christmas house shows.

Long term, does WWE have any kind of plan for Bray Wyatt or his on again/off again dead sister?

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