Angle said to want higher profile final opponent, still getting Corbin

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The WWE Universe was not excited about Kurt Angle’s selection of Baron Corbin as his “final opponent” at WrestleMania 35.

Even Kurt’s wife Giovanni tweeted and deleted a response to Jim Ross, agreeing with JR that Corbin’s an “underwhelming” choice. She’s since sent out another message which plays off her criticism, and the Olympian himself is making the case for Baron as a worthy adversary.

The reaction was such it became part of the narrative for Raw last night (Mar. 18), leading to hopeful rumors and speculation Corbin isn’t even the real choice for Angle’s farewell match at MetLife Stadium on April 7. But PWInsider is here to rain on that parade.

While noting WWE “could always change course”, Insider says “the plan backstage before Raw was 100% Corbin vs. Angle on 4/7 at MetLife Stadium.”

Mike Johnson’s report confirms the pretty obvious by saying the pick of Corbin is strictly storyline and not Kurt’s person choice. What’s more, it claims word backstage is Kurt himself “was hoping for a more high-profile final opponent”.

To which I’d just say… us too, Kurt. Us too.

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