Andrew Robinson Shocks Damian Jonak With Split Decision

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By Luke Furman

Poland – Damian Jonak (41-1-1, 21 KO) tasted defeat for the first time in his career, when he dropped a split decision to big underdog Andrew Robinson (23-4-1, 6 KO).

Jonak did not display the best fight possible. He concentrated on power punches, but he did not properly use distance and land those punches, and instead got caught by the British’s counter-attacks. It was only at the end of the round that he caught the opponent in the corner, but the storm of his punches were interrupted by the bell.

Unfortunately, Jonak did not draw conclusions from the picture of the first round and the next round was very similar – the aggressive attacks of the Pole were ineffective and hit air and Robinson countered. It was not until the third round that Jonak began to land more often.


However, in the next installment, Robinson introduced more head shots into his arsenal, which turned out to be deadly effective and he punched Jonak with accuracy.

In the fourth round the competition heated up slightly because Jonak began to attack more often and use straight punches, which his trainer demanded from him in the corner. Slowly, however, boxing calmly and carefully, the Briton began to speak again and gradually dominated the Pole.

The sixth round was almost a complete declassification of Jonak. The Pole responded with single attacks, in which he tried to tear off the head of Robinson with big punches. Unfortunately, still punching. Robinson consistently followed the instructions given to him in the corner, did not set himself on fire and accurately countered the charging Jonak.

This controlled style of Robinson received recognition in the eyes of two judges who eventually scored 78:74 and 77:75 for Robinson, and only judge Grzegorz Molenda, being a bit too optimistic and economically evaluated this fight by 77:75 for Jonak and as a result the local favorite tasted defeat for the first time in his career.

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