Amir Khan: If Brook is a Real Man – He Should Admit He’s Gay!

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The domestic rivalry between Amir Khan and Kell Brook has taken a new turn – after the Bolton boxer questioned the sexuality of Brook.

In a video posted by The Sun, where Khan was interviewed at a charity event, he said there are constant rumors that Brook was gay.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, who works with both boxers, has been trying his best to put a fight together between the two.

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The two fighters have been trading words in the press for several years, but for one reason or another a fight has never come about.

But now Khan is calling on Brook to come out of the closet and come clean with the public regarding his sexuality. Brook is married and expecting a third child with his wife.

“How much confidence does this guy have? I’ve been told by numerous guys that he’s not a confident guy… There’s talks about him being gay. If you’re a real man, come out and say ‘Yeah, you know, I’m gay, and it is what it is.’ Come out and tell the truth. Speak out about it. Don’t be afraid,” Khan said.

“If he is a confident man, he needs to come out and tell the world who he really is. Because people want to know about him. People want to know, ‘Who is this Kell Brook?’ Come out and tell us what happened.”

Khan even claimed that he was informed that Brook’s stabbing incident, from several years ago, was allegedly due to Brook’s failed attempt to make sexual advances on another man.

“What happened when you got stabbed that time? Was it because you tried it on with some poor guy? You tried to get it on with some poor guy? These are things I’m being told from his own camp,” Khan said.

“You know, I wasn’t there to see it. But I’ve been told. He’s living a crazy life. So maybe that’s why he’s dying for this fight against me. Because he knows he needs that quick payday.”

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