All those Twitter beefs paid off for the women of WWE

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While Becky Lynch’s Twitter game gets a lot of attention, there’s always some debate about whether it’s overrated.

But now that the social media site/app marked International Women’s Day yesterday (Fri., Mar. 8) by releasing a few lists of “most mentioned” women, we now know there’s one measure by which The Man is winning at Twitter. At least among her fellow WWE Superstars. Serena Williams is next level in all ways:

We don’t get much in the way of background – this would seem to be just a count of how many times they were tagged in a tweet, measured over an unspecified period of time (probably since International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, 2018;’s story on it says “over the past year”).

And while coming in second fits nicely into the story of the importance of Twitter in Becky’s rise, the dominance of WWE Superstars is quite something. Making up 60% of the list is pretty amazing, and speaks to how well these ladies use one of the tools of 21st century pro wrestling, WWE’s focus on #engagement and the power of “wrestling Twitter”.

Becky, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair have dominated the headlines with their Twitter work, but hardly a week goes by where some midcard angle or feud for the women’s roster isn’t furthered or flat out built exclusively online.

With the buzz the Raw Women’s title picture has generated and feedback like this, don’t expect beefing on social media to go away any time soon for female WWE Superstars.

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