Alistair Overeem wants to finish ‘hot balls’ Derrick Lewis and his ‘stupid humor’

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Alistair Overeem picked up a much-needed win this past Saturday (Nov. 24, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 141 by taking out Ultimate Fighting (UFC) newcomer Sergey Pavlovich in Beijing, China (recap here).

The win stopped the bleeding of a two-fight losing streak, and now “The Reem” is looking to jump back on the horse sooner, rather than later, and he has no qualms in calling out a specific fighter.

“I have somebody in mind. Hot balls,” he said during a recent interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show referring Derrick Lewis. “I am going to be putting him away. He is a strong guy, but I am not impressed by him. If I fight him I am going to put him away.”

Aside from his one-punch knockout power (example here), Lewis has become a fan-favorite thanks to his outlandish interviews and his top-notch Instagram game. Overeem, though, simply isn’t a fan of it.

“You know, his humor I think is stupid. Even though a lot of people are laughing about it, to me and it doesn’t make any sense. But I am going to fight him and I am going to take him out. It’s not personal. I have never had anything bad with him, but I am going to take him out.”

Lewis was last seen competing inside the Octagon a few months ago, coming up short against Daniel Cormier at UFC 230 in his first-ever world title fight. And “DC” made it look easy.

Alistair, meanwhile, is looking to get back into the championship mix and a win over “Black Beast could expedite that process. We agree with “Reem’s” next possible challenger, do you?

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