Alicia Fox Is On Fire, Becky Lynch Rules SmackDown

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Today’s Daily She-DT looks at an upcoming match between Jordynne Grace and Jazz, Alicia Fox’s work over the past couple of months, and the latest in the Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair program.

Let’s start with Alicia Fox, who lost to Bayley on the most recent of Monday Night Raw, getting hit with a Bayley-to-Belly just moments after Finn Balor nailed Jinder Mahal with a slingblade on the outside.

It’s common for Fox to lose most of her matches, and that’s pretty much where she is at this stage of her career. Unlike, say, Natalya or Naomi, she might not even get a final run with a championship. In spite of this possibility, Fox has been one of the best performers on Raw these past few months in her latest run with the company. Honestly, perhaps only Ember Moon and Ruby Riott have been consistently better.

At her best, Fox wrestles circles around the competition, as evidenced by her match against Bayley this week. Fox’s selling is so “extra”, but it’s also nearly flawless. When Bayley hit her with a crossbody, Fox seamlessly rolled into position, and she energetically sold throughout the night.

Fox practically lives her gimmick, whether it’s the over-the-top craziness or the tremendous fashion choices. She is one of the smoothest wrestlers on Raw right now, and many of us just cannot get enough of her superhuman bridges on her Northern Lights Suplexes.

The women of WWE often only have a few minutes to stand out, and Fox vs. Bayley was a perfect example of how to shine in a limited amount of time. Fox went all-out, and it’s time more fans started to recognize her as one of the company’s best performers since her return.

She’s been that entertaining, and if fans didn’t elevate wrestlers based on reputation or perceived name value, Fox would be generating more effusive praise for her work lately. Slowly but surely, though, that positive narrative is starting to unfold, and it is wonderful to witness.

Jordynne Grace vs. Jazz

If you haven’t seen the hype video for Jazz’s Oct. 21 NWA World Women’s Championship defense, then you should do so as soon as possible. And after you check that out, you’ll be even more psyched to see that Jazz will square off against Jordynne Grace on Oct. 28 at WWR vs. The World.

The card for that show is stacked, and I’m excited to see which other matchups Beyond Wrestling has in store for us. But Grace vs. Jazz might end up being the best of the bunch, because it’s hard to top this first-time ever matchup.

Jazz is the self-proclaimed baddest b***h. Grace is one of the best young stars in wrestling, and anyone who follows the sport closely understands how much of an impact she’s had on the industry this year. This match is very much worth keeping on your radar, especially if you can catch the show live or (if available) on

Madison Rayne vs. Jinny

There will be several big matches in the month of October in women’s wrestling, and I just want to take a little bit of time to hype up Jinny vs. Madison Rayne at RISE 10 – INSANITY. The card is, yes, insane, because the main event will be a 60-minute Iron Woman Match between Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez for the Phoenix of RISE Championship.

That’s not all, of course. Because we’ll get to see a “Queen vs. Queen” showdown when Jinny takes on Madison Rayne. Jinny recently defended the PROGRESS Women’s Championship against Toni Storm and Millie McKenzie in Wembley, but taking on a multiple-time Knockouts Champion and a current Women of Honor star in Rayne won’t be a walk in the park.

RISE 10 – Insanity takes place on Oct. 19 and will be available for streaming on after the show is over. This looks like a can’t-miss show, and RISE’s streaming service is a, comparably speaking, very affordable $4.99 per month (seven-day free trial). Jinny and Rayne are two of the most fun-to-watch wrestlers in the business, so I’m ready to see who is the Queen of all the land!

Becky Lynch Is At The Top Of SmackDown

I always like the “here’s my portrait/poster” gag in pro wrestling, and Becky Lynch (and the people who helped write this segment and design the poster) absolutely killed it. Everything about Becky making Charlotte Flair’s life miserable is wonderful, and while I kind of want to feel bad for Charlotte, I find myself acting like the live crowd. I just can’t help but cheer Becky and laugh my ass off at everything she does to get under Charlotte’s skin.

The significant of Becky and Charlotte main eventing SmackDown Live again in a promo segment cannot be understated. Clearly, SmackDown is positioning Charlotte vs. Becky as their top feud in October, even though Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz and Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles are in the middle of exceptional rivalries of their own.

Becky is the biggest talking point on the show right now, and her charisma is magnetic. The fans are drawn to her, whether it’s cheering boisterously for her or giving her drumrolls. “The Champ” does what she wants, gets what she wants, and kicks ass whenever she wants.

For the first time in a while, it seems like WWE is invested in a bad-ass, outspoken woman who kicked ass to get to the top, and they’re backing it up by giving her meaningful main event segments. I could watch Becky and Charlotte beat each other up for a good hour, because that’s how entertaining these two are. I mean, the Figure Four outside the ring? SICK.

There are so many feuds in WWE history that I look back on nostalgically, and they make those times of my life seem better than they actually were in the moment. When I look back on the Charlotte vs. Becky program, I will feel the same way. That’s how special this rivalry is, and I’m ecstatic that WWE is letting Becky become the biggest part of their wildly entertaining Tuesday night show.

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