Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross is a feud we need

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Alexa Bliss will host WWE WrestleMania 35 in New York City next month, but she may also have her eyes on a potential feud with NXT Call-Up Nikki Cross. Nikki, of course, wants to play, and it seems like Bliss is ready for the fun and games.

A five-time women’s champion, Alexa Bliss has accomplished a lot in a short space of time, having been called up to the main roster as a WWE SmackDown draftee in late 2016. Bliss has made Raw her home since the initial Superstar Shakeup, winning the brand’s women’s championship three times, including via a Money in the Bank cash-in last year.

At WrestleMania 35, Bliss won’t wrestle, and while that’s disappointing, WWE has found an excellent role for her. Bliss is one of the best talkers in wrestling, so there’s no doubt that she’ll shine as the host of ‘Mania, joining an illustrious list of names that includes The Rock, The New Day, and Kim Kardashian as WrestleMania hosts.

But Bliss now has her eyes on a potential feud with NXT Call-Up Nikki Cross, who is hungry to make an impact after a stellar career on WWE’s “Third Brand”. Whenever she’s appeared on Raw or at the Royal Rumble, Cross has received huge pops, and Bliss is one of WWE’s most popular superstars; this is a rivalry that can move the needle.

It all started when Cross’s reaction to Bliss’s announcement was posed by WWE’s social team.

Bliss, as she noted, is certainly “Twisted” enough to get in the ring with Cross, and a rivalry between these two women could feature some amazing backstage segments and face-to-face promos. In the ring, Cross’s credentials are well-established, having been a part of an amazing Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women’s Championship against Asuka. Bliss also has a catalogue of good matches, including ones with Charlotte Flair, Mickie James, and Sasha Banks.

With all the work she’s put in the Performance Center alongside Mike Quackenbush, Bliss is expected to have a career year in the ring in 2019 after suffering from concussions at the end of last year. It was a scary situation, but Bliss seems healthy and better than ever.

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There’s no doubt that Cross and Bliss are two of WWE’s best talkers and characters, and they are both more than good enough to produce a strong series of matches together. It’s unlikely anything develops until after WrestleMania, but Cross interrupting Bliss as she hosts WrestleMania would be a tremendous way to start this feud between two fan favorites. This is a development the WWE Universe should monitor closely as we get closer to WrestleMania, because Cross and Bliss seem like perfect rivals.

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