Alexa Bliss & Bayley have the best feud heading into Stomping Grounds

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Wow, where did this come from?

This week on SmackDown, Bayley and Alexa Bliss had a red hot segment to promote their title match this Sunday at Stomping Grounds. Bliss was at her best and cut Bayley right to the core with a few of her one liners. The number one contender to the SmackDown women’s title even said Bayley peaked in NXT.

To her credit, Bayley went toe to toe with Bliss on the mic, the likes of which fans have rarely seen from her on the main roster.

Seemingly out of nowhere this feels like a feud that should maybe carry on through SummerSlam? Sunday at Stomping Grounds, does Alexa Bliss and Bayley walk away with the title?

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