AJ Styles’ Apology To Vince McMahon

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WWE SmackDown Live AJ Styles Attacks Vince McMahon

Credit: WWE.com

WWE is ringing in the new year in style with what should be an action-packed episode of SmackDown Live. Find out what might be in store for wrestling fans in my SPOILER-FREE predictions!

WWE seems ready to start the new year off with a bang with the first SmackDown Live of 2019.

Last week, we saw several major developments on the blue brand, including an angle with AJ Styles and Vince McMahon that practically no one saw coming. Before we get to those angles however, lets talk about a certain segment that’s been making the rounds on social media.

Becky Lynch’s segment from this week’s taping has gone viral in the wrestling community. It’s been unavoidable as far as spoilers go, and probably rightfully so considering how exciting it was. Fortunately though, its just about the only spoiler that’s been widely reported from these last two sets of tapings.

Therefore, for starters, if you haven’t yet seen the segment, all I will say about it is that you’re in store for a treat when you tune in. Otherwise, that’s all I’ll be saying about any spoilers, primarily because that’s the only one I’ve seen out there. The rest of these predictions are made without any knowledge of any other segments from the Smackdown taping.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to what else we could be expecting from WWE SmackDown Live this week besides a great Becky Lynch segment.

In addition to AJ Styles decking Vince McMahon last week, we saw some more drama unfold with the McMahon family on the blue brand. The Miz finally seemed to convince Shane McMahon to form a tag team with him.

SmackDown Live’s tag team scene has gotten rather crowded rather quickly since WWE’s “fresh start”, so it should be intriguing to see what might be in store for a new duo seemingly poised to headline the entire division.

Perhaps the new McMahon-Miz team, MizMahon if you will, is going to start off small though. Potentially, even with a match-up with a fledgling SmackDown Live team that’s a bit more well-known than the local competitors the two have faced off against in recent weeks.

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