AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will fight for the WWE Championship

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A new match has been announced for the WWE Crown Jewel show. After being ahead of the events and having maintained the WWE Championship, it has been announced that AJ Styles will defend his title against Samoa Joe in the next event in Saudi Arabia.

This week Styles faced Daniel Bryan, whom he would originally face on the Crown Jewel show. The clear tensions between both ended up growing and in the middle of the show, the challenge arose to fight at the moment. The fight took up a good part of the first hour of the show, ending with the champion’s victory.

After the match, both superstars showed mutual respect, only to be attacked by Samoa Joe. After a behind-the-scenes discussion and demanding an opportunity against Joe, Styles managed to get Paige, general manager of SmackDown, to make the match official.

Joe and Styles will match up again after their last showdown in Super Show-Down. Both had maintained a rivalry that saw them face over the past months. After getting the opportunity to challenge the title, it seemed that Bryan was destined to go for the title alone but after the last political tensions between the United States and Saudi Arabia, Bryan and John Cena have been removed from the event, in what has been interpreted as a discomfort on the part of both to attend the show.

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