Aerostar’s latest big jump goes wrong

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Aerostar has a reputation of leaping from crazy heights. At Triplemania XXV, he jumped down from twenty feet above the ring. At Verano de Escándalo (June 16), the fall was shorter but the result much scarier. Aerostar climbed up the lighting structure for a huge leap down and it looked like he almost broke his neck.

Is there anyone out there that didn’t cringe and blurt out noises (profanity, in my case) at the sight of Aerostar’s head and neck making contact with the floor? I’m betting the reactions from Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux were genuine.

Aerostar was stretchered to the back. Initial word was that he was okay.

However, Dave Meltzer has a different opinion about that news.

I had a feeling Aerostar was planning something crazy. On Saturday night in Cancun, he attempted a similar stunt, also with an awkward landing.

Here is a different angle.

That left him with a tenderized side.

Yikes. Aerostar may need to rethink taking his spaceman gimmick literally. Let’s hope he stays safe next time he falls from the heavens, because he’ll likely do it again at some point.

Get the results from Verano de Escándalo here and check back Monday for a full review on Cageside Seats.

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