Adam Page must beat Chris Jericho for the World Title

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AEW’s debut PPV, Double or Nothing, is in our rear view mirror and now, we must look ahead to the promotion’s first ever AEW World Championship match between Adam Page and Chris Jericho.

As per the stipulation of “The Buy In’s” Casino Battle Royale, the match’s winner Adam Page was set to face the winner of Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega to determine the first AEW Champion. Thanks to a devastating Judas Effect – Jericho’s new finisher – Page will be taking on The Alpha of AEW for the company’s World Title.

No word yet on when exactly the first time ever dream match-up will take place, but if one thing is for certain, it’s that Adam Page needs to win.

Much of AEW’s roster is filled with new, relatively unknown and untapped talent on the verge of breaking out. However, many of its top stars are former WWE talents. Cody, Jon Moxley and, of course, Chris Jericho are some more notable names. Not many ex-WWE names have settled on AEW’s roster, but the ones that have are big guns who stand out. Which is why so many of these ex-WWE stars have been pegged and predicted to win the first AEW Championship.

In my humble opinion, it would not be a good idea for AEW to strap the title on someone who made their name elsewhere; not as the first champion at least. It sends the wrong message that AEW could be this generation’s WCW; a brand that flooded its main event scene with former WWE Superstars. The first champion should actually represent what the company actually seems to be trying to establish itself as: a fresh, happy alternative to the WWE product.

You can’t really push that mantra when the first champion of your so-called fresh product is an ex-WWE main eventer like the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. That’s nothing against Chris Jericho, though, or any ex-WWE talent for that matter. Jericho could make a great AEW Champion some time down the line, but not as the first ever champion.

Someone who would highlight AEW’s mantra for change and freshness is a young, relatively unknown talent like Adam Page. Longtime fans who have seen his work as a rookie in ROH and as a rising star in NJPW know that he’s got the in-ring skill set and the character chops needed to be the face of any brand.

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Highlighting Adam Page as the first ever AEW Champion would be a step in the right direction for the blossoming promotion. Plus, getting the rub over a legendary six-time World Champion would make a great rub for him. This is what needs to happen.

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