Adam Cole Should Reinvigorate a Sleepy Monday Night Raw

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Monday Night Raw tends to be a rather plodding program, proving the difficulty of putting together three hours of programming.  Adam Cole is a talent who can inject WWE’s “flagship show” with some much-needed life. 

This week’s WWE “Superstar Shake-up” is meant to inject a breath of fresh air into Raw and SmackDown.

Although we might be given the opportunity to see new matchups (or matchups we haven’t seen in a while) after this week, there does not seem to be much hope to see new faces on either program with Johnny Gargano being the NXT Champion, Velveteen Dream being the NXT North American Champion, Shayna Bazler retain the NXT Women’s Championship, and everyone else on black and gold brand not having much reason to be called up just yet.

That is, with the exception of one man: Adam Cole (BAY-BAY). He should immediately be placed on Monday Night Raw during this week’s “Superstar Shake-up” to inject not only fresh air, but lifeblood into a three hour program than can be a task to sit through.

Adam Cole is the wrestling version of the leg lamp in Ralphie’s window from A Christmas Story, one who, like the lamp, emits a “glow of electric sex” that is impossible for all to ignore.  His debut in NXT saw the fans scream “BAY BAY” when signaled as loudly as any crowd has chanted with The Rock or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (and I don’t think that is even remotely an exaggeration).

Even as a booked heel as the leader of The Undisputed Era, fans seem to react to him and his faction as the babyfaces regardless of the popularity of his opposition.  He might be the ultimate representation of an independent wrestling industry capable of producing talent on par with anyone WWE can churn out, which can beckon fans both casual and smart.

Basically, Adam Cole is the quintessential babyface of 2019, one who toes the line between the style of a babyface and a heel; he is wicked enough to not eventually grow stale like almost every white meat babyface, and he is charismatic to the point of being allergic to hate.  He is that Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho figure that Monday Night Raw needs to keep itself from being classified as “drudgery”.

There needs to be a reason why one should be willing to sit through three hours of Monday Night Raw at its current state as a show that often seems to focus more on dialogue more than it does action.  It needs a superstar with the following of Adam Cole, one that might chant his name in a form of sabotage until the “Panama City Playboy” appears on screen. In turn, this may inspire a roster that wishes to have a similar following to acquire one, knowing that Cole was able to acquire it without stepping foot into a WWE main roster ring.

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Notice there is no mention of Adam Cole’s in-ring ability in this article, which can create a plethora of dream scenarios the second he appears on the main roster.  There is nothing but infinite positivity that comes with Cole debuting on Monday Night Raw: his rise to prominence continues, phenomenal matches will follow, and the “flagship show” can take back the right to keep such a title.  Hopefully, WWE will pull the trigger (pun intended) this week and allow Cole to reinvigorate a currently drowsy program.

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