Abel Sanchez: Joe Joyce Has No Choice, He’ll Be Moved Very Fast

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Abel Sanchez, the head trainer for 2016 Olympic silver medalist Joe Joyce (6-0, 6 KOs), indicates that his boxer will be moved very fast to a world title shot.

Last month, Joyce made his United States debut with a big knockout victory over Iago Kiladze in a contest televised by FS1.

Joyce has been training hard in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, Calif., under the tutelage of Sanchez, who recently came on board to start working with the very talented heavyweight.

joyce-kiladze-fight (29)

Joyce is going to be pushed very fast to a world title shot – and there is no choice in that direction.

Time is not on Joyce’s side, as the heavyweight turned 33-years-old last month.

“It’s unfortunate … but he’s going to have to push it fast. He hasn’t got that many years to school in the gym. He’s going to have to go at a pace that isn’t the best thing for him but he’s got no choice,” Sanchez said to Premier Boxing Champions.

“He just turned 33, so they’re going to have to move him into a title fight very soon to take advantage of his youth. Although heavyweights mature a little later, I understand from the management that they are looking to move him very fast.

At 6’6 and 250-pounds, Joyce has a real mean streak and a lot of firepower in his fists.

The only factor that Sanchez is going to button up, is Joyce’s speed. He wants to make his punches much faster, in order to deal with smaller heavyweights who throw quicker combinations.

“I look at him like a George Foreman, where once he gets in the ring he wants to punish you, just jump on you,” Sanchez said. “He has a tendency to get a little upset when he gets hit with a shot that he shouldn’t have been hit with, and he has this mean streak in him that comes out. It’s, how can it put it, dangerous for his sparring partners.”

“How he moves for his size, and how he reacts for his size. Not so much a Muhammad Ali movement, but his reactions and instincts for a big man are quite impressive. I think I have to pick up his speed in sparring. His defense is decent but his speed is something I have to get a little bit faster because it’s going to be a detriment to him when he fights the smaller heavyweights that are quicker.”

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