AAA Roundup: Cody in ring for AAA vs AEW match, Aerostar wrestling after injuries, more!

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Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. Cody Rhodes is coming to Mexico to wrestle, and Aerostar provided another update on his health. Conquista Total from Tuxtla featured Tessa Blanchard in her AAA debut.

Cody Rhodes debut for AAA

When the partnership between AAA and AEW was announced, Cody Rhodes said that he would step foot in the ring for AAA shows in Mexico. Rhodes’ debut date is now set for July 18 in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.

Cage on Twitter

The participants to join Rhodes in tag team action are curious choices. Taurus makes sense as a rival for Rhodes due to their confrontation at Rey de Reyes. As for the other two, I guess it will be mixed tecnico/rudo alignments. Cage turned tecnico at the end of the last year. He’s also not a name that I would associate with AAA. And then there is weaselly MJF. I’m not sure how he fits with Rhodes, aside from the AEW affiliation, but he’ll definitely relish the chance to rile up Mexican fans as a pompous foreigner. That bout will most likely lead to story reasons setting up a big AAA vs AEW match at Triplemania XXVII on August 3.

Another potential storyline to keep an eye on is Pentagon versus Killer Kross. There have been rumors that that is the desired direction for Triplemania XXVII. They will be part of the trios main event in Aguascalientes with other feuding pairs; Dr. Wagner Jr. & Blue Demon Jr. and Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpion.

Update to the health update of Aerostar

After Aerostar was stretchered out of Verano de Escándalo due to a huge jump off a lighting structure that went wrong, the spaceman said he would return to the ring after some rest. That rest included some time in Los Angeles for a press conference to announce a show coming to The Forum on October 13.

Aerostar didn’t miss much time. He was back in action less than a week later in Tampico, Tamaulipas.

I assume those photos are from the hospital in the aftermath of his drop and not new ones after wrestling in Tampico. His message states that he is committed to his work and his love of lucha libre. He did the best he could in Tampico and thanks the fans for their support.

Aerostar continued by saying that many have called him foolish or irresponsible for going back to work even though he isn’t 100% recuperated. He loves his job and has an enormous comittment to the public. Thanks to the fans for their concern.

While in Los Angeles, Aerostar, Drago, and Texano found some time to pose with the Annabelle. That doll gives me the creeps.

If you have read rumors of Pagano trying to leave AAA, don’t believe them. The man himself said they are false.

Conquista Total: Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Conquista Total was coming to us from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. The show (here) can be viewed on AAA’s YouTube channel.

Tessa Blanchard & La Hiedra vs Faby Apache & Lady Shani

This bout (starting at 10:00) was Tessa Blanchard’s official debut with AAA. She had some cracking moves, but La Hiedra did more of the work at roughly a 70/30 split.

The story was to build more heat between Faby Apache and referee Hijo del Tirantes. At one point, Tirantes took matters into his own hands to stifle Faby. She had Blanchard in a surfboard submission, so Tirantes lifted Blanchard out of pain just to spite Faby. Later, Faby had Blanchard in a double underhook position but took too much time trash-talking Tirantes. Blanchard broke out only to get caught in a backslide. Tirantes broke it up. Faby cornered a cowering Tirantes. That distraction led to a hammerlock DDT by Blanchard and a fast count from Tirantes to give the victory to the rudas.

Villano III Jr., Daga, & Chessman vs Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, & Flamita

This trios bout (starting at 30:50) had its fair share of suicide dives, moonsaults, shooting star presses, splashes, and a variety of slams. It got really crazy in the final four minutes.

Chessman was ready to do some high-flying onto Flamita. Villano III Jr. wanted to get one more slam in, but Flamita countered into a slam of his own. Laredo Kid came out of nowhere for a springboard Frankensteiner to Chessman. Moves happened fast and furious. German suplex by Daga. Standing Spanish Fly by Flamita. Spear by Villano. Super reverse hurricanrana by Hijo del Vikingo. A cannonball by Laredo off the ring post toward Chessman in the second row. Flamita followed with a flying crossbody onto Villano in the crowd.

For the finish, Daga and Vikingo went back and forth with big moves. Vikingo missed an inverse 450 splash. Daga nailed him with a double underhook facebuster to win.

Texano, Rey Escorpion, & Killer Kross vs Psycho Clown, Pagano, & Puma King

Rey Escorpion attacked Psycho Clown from behind (starting at 54:45) to kick-start the craziness. This bout was all over the place in true AAA main event manner. Cookie sheets, a bull rope, and Psycho’s slappy strap were all used. La Hiedra was ringside interfering on behalf of the rudos.

Highlights include various suplexes by Killer Kross, a double blockbuster by Pagano, a double suicide dive from Pagano and Psycho, Kross punching a cookie sheet into Puma King’s face, a twisting crossbody by Psycho, and a fireman’s carry backbreaker by Texano.

For the finish, Puma King connected on a flying crossbody to the outside to take out Kross, and Psycho utilized a drop toe hold to Rey Escorpion into a leaning table. That left Texano and Pagano alone in the ring. Pagano got the better of Texano with a flying leg drop. As Pagano was covering for the pin, La Hiedra grabbed referee Hijo del Tirantes. This allowed Chessman to sneak into the ring to spit RED MIST at Pagano. Texano closed the deal with a slam and standing back splash to pin Pagano.

Conquista Total from Tuxtla was a solid effort. Noting spectacular, but nothing boring either. Spitting mist will always get a pop from me, so that was nice.

Are you excited for Cody Rhodes to wrestle in AAA? Who would you book into a AAA vs AEW bout at Triplemania XXVII? What is your opinion about Aerostar returning to the ring so soon?

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