AAA Héroes Inmortales XII Preview and Predictions

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Héroes Inmortales XII is AAA’s next major show. The headliner will be Jeff Jarrett against Dr. Wagner Jr. in a hair versus hair lucha de apuesta. You won’t want to miss one of the two getting their head shaved. Watch the event on Twitch live at 6pm CT on Sunday, October 28. Best of all, the live stream is free, free, free!

Lucha Libre AAA

Let’s break down the card as best we can considering none of the post-Triplemania shows have aired yet on TV or YouTube. That shouldn’t stop any of us from enjoying the show. It is guaranteed to have awesome action, super surprises, fantastic flips, and unintentional comedy. That last one often comes by the boat load.

Hair vs Hair: Jeff Jarrett vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

The history between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. is complex and just as funny as it sounds. At Verano de Escándalo, Jarrett won the Mega Championship from Wagner after Konnan posed as La Parka to be a backup referee. At Triplemania XXVI, Wagner repaid the favor when he posed as La Parka to be a backup referee to count Fenix’s victory on Jarrett.

The ‘Massacre in Monterrey’ followed. That fight has yet to be posted for viewing, but it was one bloody affair. Next was the challenge for hair vs hair.

Listen to Jarrett hype the bout with trash talk to his basura opponent.

Wagner’s turn next. He studied Jarrett’s moves from WWE Network’s “Ain’t He Great!” collection and will fight for the people of Mexico.

It wouldn’t be a AAA event without at least one overbooked clusterf-ck. You may be wondering how they could make this feud even more outrageous than it already is. Enter Blue Demon Jr.

Lucha Libre AAA

It seems Demon has beef with Wagner. I don’t know the full story. I very well could be wrong, but it appears that Wagner stiffed Demon by not showing up for a tag match. Wagner then partnered with Psycho Clown and things went south.

If Blue Demon Jr. ends up involved in the main event, my guess would be that next year’s Triplemania main event of Wagner vs LA Park hair vs mask fell through. Demon might be trying to take that slot against Wagner. This is pure speculation on my part.

Prediction: Dr. Wagner Jr. gets shaved bald. Jeff Jarrett is smarmy and too smart for the grandpa playboy. The King of the Mountain will also be the king of the barber’s chair.

Psycho Clown & Murder Clown vs Killer Kross & a surprise luchador

You may recall that Murder Clown and Killer Kross were supposed to team up in the original Héroes Inmortales XII match listings. It was weird at the time, because Murder Clown and Killer Kross were fussing toward a feud. LA Park was booted from the card for whatever reason, and the teams were switched around.

Killer Kross’ partner will most likely be a member of MAD. Juventud Guerrera would be the easiest for AAA to add to the match. Other prospects could be Cage, Teddy Hart, and Jack Evans. All three are MAD members.

Let’s hope we get a Murder Clown vs Killer Kross showdown supreme of hosses. Murder tweeted that he is ready to kick gringo butt. Taking down Kross would be one of the more memorable moments of the evening.

Prediction: Psycho Clown & Murder Clown. This feels like one of those matches where the good guys pick up a win. Although, clowns will never be the good guys in my book. I hope Grimace will turn on Ronald McDonald one of these days.

Copa Antonio Peña: La Parka vs Chessman vs Pagano vs Hijo del Vikingo vs Super Fly vs La Parka Negra vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Dragon Bane vs La Mascara vs Averno vs Australian Suicide vs Angelikal vs Niño Hamburguesa

The Copa Antonio Peña is named after the founder of AAA, who passed away on October 5, 2006. I’m not entirely sure what type of match this yearly competition will be. In the past, it has been a singles tournament, torneo cibernetico, gauntlet match, four-way elimination match, lumberjack match, and a battle royal. 2017 appeared to be similar to the Royal Rumble.

Los OGTs have all three members (Chessman, Super Fly, Averno), so the numbers advantage could be theirs. Hijo Del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno) and La Mascara are part of Los Mercenarios. Surprisingly, MAD only has one participant in Australian Suicide. The Copa Antonio Peña seems like a prize MAD would like to win to embarrass AAA.

If you are new to watching AAA, keep an eye on Hijo del Vikingo, Angelikal, and Niño Hamburguesa. The first two are high-flyers of the highest magnitude. Niño Hamburguesa is a tubby dude who can move as well as the smaller fellows. However, I’m not sure if they will be able to truly strut their stuff if the match format does not allow.

I can’t forget the ever-present big show reminder. La Parka is not WCW La Parka. The WCW veteran goes by the name LA Park.

Prediction: La Mascara. Mascara was a big signing over a year ago. Mascara recently split with his family member Maximo, so El Papi de Papis could use a nice win to boost his status.

Tag Team Championship: Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs Flamita & Bandido vs Andrew Everett & DJZ

Texano Jr. and Rey Escorpion are the current champs. Flamita and Bandido won the number one contendership at Triplemania XXVI. Andrew Everett and DJZ are there just because.

Prediction: Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion. Los Mercenarios will have a trick or two up their sleeve. They fight dirty and fight to win. If things look bleak, Rey Escorpion could use his Rey de Reyes sword to chop off some heads.

Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Maximo vs El Poder del Norte vs Laredo Kid, Drago, & Aerostar

I believe El Poder del Norte are the Trios champs, so I’m not sure why the belts aren’t on the line for such a major show. That doesn’t mean they are a sure bet to lose though. AAA doesn’t always do those cliche booking tactics.

Prediction: Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Maximo. I want to see the exoticos dance after winning.

Reina de Reinas Championship: Faby Apache vs Starfire vs Keyra vs a surprise luchadora

Faby Apache is the current women’s champ. Her title will be on the line in a four-way. This match was set up by up-and-comers wanting a shot at glory. Faby obliged, and here we are.

If you are wondering who could be the surprise luchadora, Lady Shani would be the safest bet. She could continue her long feud with Faby after shaving Faby’s head bald at Triplemania XXVI.

Another possibility is the mysterious La Griega. I have no information about her.

Another candidate is Scarlett Bordeaux. Her return has already been announced for Héroes Inmortales XII, but her role has not been specified. Enjoy the promotional photo and video. Remember to keep it classy in the comments, please.

Prediction: Starfire. Faby Apache is most likely going to win, since I’m pretty sure Starfire and Keyra are not even signed with AAA. I don’t care though. Starfire is badass. Her suplexes are unique.

Tune in to Twitch at 6pm CT on Sunday, October 28. Or pay five bucks to subscribe and watch on demand. Or wait many, many moons until the show gets posted on the AAA YouTube channel.

Which match are you most excited for? What are your predictions? Will Vampiro lose his mind, or gas, again?

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